CIL-SM-125 Semi-automatic high speed sealing cardboard box machine

Structure Character:

1.It is suitable for various specifications of drawing face tissue boxes and foodstuff boxes to spray glue and seal the stomata.

2.Combine electricity into one, also function is stable, automatic control production and operation is brisk.

3.Working parts are of stainless steel materials.


Main technical parameter:

  1. 1.      Production Speed: 20~40 boxes/min
  2. 2.      Specification of Box Sealing (L×W×H mm)


  1. 3.      Machine Power: 2.4 Kw (220V 50Hz)
  2. 4.      Gas: 0.4 Mpa0.3 m³/min
  3. 5.      Overall Size of Equipment (L×W×H m):


  1. 6.      Weight of Equipment: 0.8T