CIL- FT -602 Full-automatic soft paper towel three dimensional packing machine

Main function and structure feature:

1. Adopt packing way by wrapping, hemming and sealing with compact structure.

2.Adopt the system of step-less frequency conversion controlling, touching screen and PLC control system, man-computer interface display more clear and easy to maintain.

3.Adopt auto-putting conveyor, easy to be connected with automatic production line, saving much laboring cost,convenient for production.

4.Twin-frequency stepless speed regulation, packing speed and the length of bag can be changed discretionarily.

5.High degree of automation,high specialization, high production efficient and low malfunction.

6. Packing range is big, different specification and be converted.

Main technical parameter:

Packing speed(bags/min);25-50

Packing specification(mm): 100-220x100-120x40-100

Power supply: 220V 50Hz

Motor power(Kw): 3.66

Heating power (Kw): 3.6

Air pressure (MPA): 0.5

Overall size (mm): 3560X5885X1925

Machine weight (Kg): 3000

Available shrink film type: CPP,PE/CPP.PT/KOP.CPP and two-side hot sealing film