Bagging, sealing, cutting off as one of the overall packaging machine. Squash with clamping functions.

1.Advanced PLC computer programming control, LCD display text operation, parameter setting, the effective protection of wearing parts, wire and high temperature heating tape;

Operation: manually put rolls into the table, pack the bags, foot switch, the machine can automatically complete clamping, promoting bags, automatic fork angle, sealed. More convenient, easier to change, control is more precise.

2. Packaging sealing effect beautiful, neat, accurate positioning control; adjustable high.

3. Man-machine combination, significant savings in labor, reduce costs and improve production efficiency.

4. Speed of packing: -12 bags/min(2roll/bag). Under the rolls of the length, height, diameter ordered. Can be customized water cooling, playing date features.

5. More stable overall performance, control components imported high-quality components for the main parts, the rest of the national standards of quality components.



Speed of packing

6-12 bags/min

Air pressure



0.4 KW( 220 V,50 HZ)

Size of packing

Specifications to be selected

Size of machine

3200*1500*1500 mm