CIL-RC-A    Automatic Roll Core Machine

Construct Characteristic

  1. 1.      This machine is the equipment to produce punched and rewinding paper core, which is advanced in designing and convenience in operation.
  2. 2.      Cut pipe without stopping machine. The cutting surface is trim and length is uniform
  3. 3.      Make other size of core (diameter and length) is very easy to change the spare parts.
  4. 4.      Not hot and dry during the forming of product, the consumption of equipment is less.
  5. 5.      The composed parts are of high rigidity, equipment is stable without shake when rolling core with high speed.

Technical parameter:

  1. 1.      Production Speed: 10~20 m/min
  2. 2.      Specification of Roll Core:  core diameter:28~60mm (2~4 layers),

length 1.2~1.96 m

  1. 3.      Specification of Jumbo Roll: 300~400 g/m2 width 50~90 mm
  2. 4.      Installed power: 4.5Kw (380V 50Hz)
  3. 5.      Overall Size of Equipment (L×W×H m):3.0×0.8×1.6 m
  4. 6.      Weight of Equipment: 1.5T