CIL-SP-C Fully-Automatic high-speed colored glue kitchen towel rewinding machine


CIL-SP-C Full-automatic high-speed colored glue kitchen towel rewinding machine perforation machine, which can produce both colored glue kitchen towel toilet paper and ordinary toilet paper. The final product from this machine ,the surface of product is clear , tension of rewinding is even, structure of machine is compact, production is stable, operation is easy, the specification of final product is adjustable, the machine occupies small area(8,4m2),high production capacity 120-180m/min,which is ideal paper product processing machinery.

This machine is used to process raw material which width is 1.2M (92C) and 1.7M(75C). The machine composed of parent roll stand, press and feeding paper device, embossing device, glue device, paper feeding device, perforation device, rolling device, electrical control device and cutting device. Production flow: unreeling —→embossing —→glue—→convey —→perforation —→rolling—→cutting.

  1. 1.       Programmable controller(computer) control production processes, production process automation coefficient, equipment fully furnished, high production efficiency.
  2. 2.       Change core automatically with stop machine, rewinding, spray glue, sealing, when change core, up speed and down speed automatically.
  3. 3.       When change core rewinding, tight first and then loosen, avoid product core pipe get loose.
  4. 4.       Tension of final product can be adjusted.
  5. 5.       Auto point to add core pipe, machine stop automatically when there is no core pipe. 
  6. 6.       When raw material broken down, machine will stop automatically.
  7. 7.       Each jumbo roll unreeling separately, match with tension control.
  8. 8.       Easy to adjust to produce different core pipe for rewinding.
  9. 9.       There is paper tail of sealing, for easy use
  10. 10.    Push jumbo roll on stand by pneumatic.
  11. 11.    Adopt double embossing roller to produce “ dot-by-dot” product.
  12. 12.    According to requirement, machine can equip with single embossing device or double embossing device, with vivid designs.
  13. 13.    In case customer require, the machine can add coreless device.

Main technical parameter:








Width of raw material







Diameter of finished product

¢60-140mm(tension adjustable)

Diameter of core of finished product


Diameter of raw material

1200mm(can be pointed by customer)

Diameter of core of raw material

¢76.2mm(other specification, please point out)

Perforation distance

4 knives100-120mm,2 knives 200-240mm (other specification, please point out)

Stable rolling speed

120-180m/ min

 Parameter setting

Touch screen human machine interface operation system

Programmable controller

PLC  computer program

Unreeling stand

2 layers (3 layer, please point out)

Embossing device

Double face embossing, steel to rubber embossing

Glue lamination system

3 roller colored glue lamination device, can produce both colored glue and ordinary glue product

Pneumatic system

Pressure  5kg/cm2pa( prepared by end-users)



Overall Dimension (LXWXH)