Full-automatic high-speed rewinding and tissue paper machine CIL-SP-B

Description of the equipment:

CIL-SP-B this equipment is to perforate and cut the raw paper into various sizes according to the requested. The finished product is neat, in good order and with equality tension. It has the feature of compact structure, easy and stable operation, less electricity consumption and covers a small area of 8.4 m². The highest production speed is 120-160m/min. This equipment is adjustable to meet the requested finished product. This model is the ideal equipment for paper making factory and paper processing factory.

This equipment can process raw paper of 1.2m1.5m1.75m1.95m2.15m2.35m2.55m2.75m in width. There are two types of this model: one is ordinary type, it used one embossed unit for 2 ply paper, and the other is dot-by-dot type, it used embossed units respectively for each one.

This machine is consist of stand of raw material, paper conveying unit, embossing unit, perforating unit, rolling unit, electricity control and cutting system. The production process is : unreeling —→embossing —→perforating—→furl—→slitting.


  1. 1.      PLC (computer) control production, degree of full-automatic of production process is high, the function of machine is complete, and production efficiency is high.
  2. 2.      Load and change the core, spray glue, seal can be done without stop the machine. When changing the core, the machine will low the speed and up the speed automatically.
  3. 3.      When change the core to rewind, it will be tight first and then loose, to avoid the core loose.
  4. 4.      Equipped with automatic alarm to indicate filling up of core pipe. The machine will be automatically stopped when there is no core pipes.
  5. 5.      When raw material broken, the machine will stop automatically.
  6. 6.      Each raw material unreel separately , equip with tension control.
  7. 7.      Easy to adjust in order to suitable different paper core.
  8. 8.      There is tail after the finished product sealed with glue, easy to use.
  9. 9.      There is pneumatic jack to load the raw material on machine

As required, the machine can equip with single color or double colors printing device, the pattern is vivid.

The machine can equip with two sets of embossing device according to requirements.

Main technical parameter:








Width of raw material







Dia. of finished product

¢60-150mm(the tension is adjustable)

Dia. of finished paper core


Dia.of raw material

1200mm(can accept customers’ requirement)

Dia of core of raw material


Perforation distance

4 knives 100-150mm (other specifications, please point )

Reeling speed


Parameter setting

Touch screen man-computer interface operation system



Raw material holder

2 layers(3layer, please order)

Pneumatic system

Pressure 5kg/cm2pa(prepared by customers)



Overall Dimension (LXWXH)





Single embossment, two side embossment and steel to steel embossing(depend on selection)

Embossment bottom roller

Felt roller, wool roller and rubber roller (depend on selection)