CIL-SP-A-A-2Full-automatic toilet paper(towel paper )

Production line

CIL-SP-A-A-2 Full-automatic toilet paper production line is full-automatic

production line, which composed of 1 set of CIL-SP-B-2 Full-automatic

high-speed rewinding and perforated toilet paper(towel paper ) machine (it can be 2 sets according to requirement), 1 set of CIL-SP-280 cutting machine, 1

set of CIL-SP-398-3 multi-rolls packing machine and convey belts.


A,The max. width of jumbo roll can up to 2750mm. Perforation distance can be adjusted to satisfy any length need. As required, the equipment can have one or two embossing device. Equip weight pneumatic loading of jumbo roll system.  According to requirement, the equipment can have 3 jumbo roll holder.

B,CIL-SP-A-A(B)-2 Economical rewinding production line will automatically change core and unload the finished products, and automatically trim and seal the tails of the logs, leaving a tail about 20mm. Automatically convey the logs into conveyer belt, and carry into CIL-SP-280 to cut into the length required. Through the conveyer belt come into CIL-SP-398 -3for package.

C,The complete production line controlled by PLC. Main motor can be controlled by variable frequency speed control.

Technical parameter


Width of raw material


Dia.of raw material

Up to Φ1500mm

Core inside diameter of raw material


Machine speed

0-250m/min (depending on 

Operating speed


Outside diameter of finished roll

Toilet paper :Φ80-150mm

Perforation pitch

Variable, any size needed

Inner diameter of core of finished product


Raw material for toilet paper

1or 2 layer,14-20g

Installed power