Technical performance characteristic;

The equipment is operated by using PLC program control,big screen true color human-computer interface. The precise servo control feed length, electromechanical integration control and other international advanced technology con automatically detect each key action,has good fault information prompt system, make the whole production line achieving the best working state.

       The transducer independent driver is used in the main motor;                                                         

       The cutting knife automatically stops and gives an alarm;                                                         

       When the paper cannot be cut down,the equipment will                                                           

       The high precision servo system is used in the feed motor servo system,to ensure the quality of the finished product;

       The equipment automatically calculates the quantity of the finished product being cut;according to the raw material and the length of the finished product;                                                             

      When data input is incorrect,the equipment breaks off and prompts to adjust on the interface;                                  

       The cut paper head and paper end can be automatically sorted;                                                              

       Cut with knife is used in the equipment,which reduce the use cost of the user;                                                      

       The automatic sharpening knife system is used in the equipment,can adjust the sharpening knife system according the requirement of paper being cut,which increase the cutting life;                                                                             

       The sharp steel wheel is used in the sharpening knife system, which increase the sharpening knife efficiency           

Machine weight          1000KG       

Cutting speed                     15-20cuts/min            

cutting channel           single channel                   

Cutting blade                    band saw blade          

Cutting blade size              4430*70*0.9               

Log length                  <28500mm               

Tolerance                     ±1mm                         

Cutting length                    <250mm                   

Cutting diameter        200-240mm                

Power supply                     3 phase 4line 380V 50HZ