CIL-NP-C C-folding towel paper machine

Function and feature:

  1. 1.      Unreeling tension control, to suit raw material with different tension.
  2. 2.      Add rectifier, products come out with order, with same size.
  3. 3.      Steel to wool embossing roller, clear embossment.(the machine can have steel to steel embossing roller according to customers requirement)
  4. 4.      The machine can equip with single color printing unit , two colors printing unit or multi-colors printing unit according to customersrequirement.
  5. 5.      We can design the machine with the specifications provided by customers.

Technical parameter:

Production speed: 350-400 sheets/min

Unfolding size of product:230X250mm (the size of product can be pointed by the customer)

Folding size of product: 230x110mm(the size of product can be pointed by the customer)

Dia. of raw material:1200mm

Dia. of paper core: 76.2mm

Power:6 KW

Overall size: About 4mx1.4mx1.6m(LxWxH)

Weight: about 1.2T