CIL-MFT-21AMinitypefacialtissue (handkerchiefpaper)machinewithcountingfunction


CIL-MFT-21-2Mini type facial tissue machine adopts vacuum adsorb and high-speed to fold the paper. Adopting step-less adjusting speed, and it is running smoothly. It is special equipment for 4 folding facial tissue machine. This machine composed of raw paper stand, embossing unit, lengthways folding unit , cutting and transversal folding unit, It runs a whole set of rolling  to fix difference tension of raw paper, embossed, lenghtways folding, pushing the paper, cutting the paper, transversal folding paper and finished products transfer.


1.Embossing design on raw paper with clear embossing shape.

2. Controlled with rolling tension to fit production with different tension of raw paper.

3. Mill edge folding, the appearance of product is elegant.

4. Adopting screw turning knife to cut for easy adjustment

5. Adopting vacuum folding format.

6. Equipped with single color or double color printing according to customers’ requirement.

Technical Parameter:





4.5Kw(380V or 220V  50Hz)

5.5Kw(380V or 220V  50Hz)

The max. production speed

400-500 pcs/min

700pcs -1000 pcs/min

Specification of finished product(LxWmm)

a.75x52 (opening 210x210)

b.105x52 (opening 210x210)

a.75x52 ( opening 210x210)

b.105x52 (opening 210x210)

Overall dimension(m)



Weight of equipment

About 0.8T

About 1.2T


1. Width of raw paper: 210mm-420mm

2. Diameter of raw paper: 700mm-1000mm

3.Thickness of raw paper:14g/ m²-18g/ m²

4.Diameter of paper core:76.2mm