CIL-QQ-286 Full-automatic coffee filter bags machine

Main structure:

1.Hanging type operation table, separate complete from the driving part to ensure sanitary product.

2.Adopt universal spindle coupling, synchronous belt and gear drive.

3.Add rectifier for raw material convey and adopt adsorption convey method to ensure stable convey for raw material.

4.Product adopts generating cutting , volatility and high speed.

5.The machine can be able to produce two size product according to customer’s requirement.

Main technical parameter

1. Production Capacity :  400-800 pcs/min (different specification has different output).

2.Total power: 5KW (mainframe frequency control ) (380V  50Hz)

3.Raw material has big range ,33-47g/m2( single layer)

4.Overall dimension (mm): 4000x1100mmx1400(LXWXH)

5.Weight; about 3 T