CIL-QQ-285 Full-automatic drawing cigarette paper machine


This model is designed to produce ”link type” drawing cigarette paper , that’s mean, each sheet is link together. When you draw one sheet, the end of next sheet will come out the packaging at the same time. The machine is controlled by PLC, touch screen frequency control. High automatic degree, strict structure, low invoice, less waste, safety and simple operation.

Main Configurations:

A. Automatic spray glue, slitting machine, one set.

B. Automatic folding, cutting machine, one set.

Main technical parameter:

1. Production capacity :15m/min. 16460boxs(25sheets)/8hour

2. Power of glue machine: 2.2KW (main frame frequency control )

3. Power of folding machine: 2.2KW(main frame frequency control )

4. The Max. plies for folding: 25 plies.

5. Weight: 10 tons