CIL-NP-AP  Paper cup tray machine

Function and features:

1.This equipment can be equipped with 1-3 color printing system according to customers’requirement

2.This equipment can produce different size of cup tray according to customers’requirement

3.The production process for whole machine is machinery, photoelectricity and pneumatic system, to realize the automation of single machine.

Main technical parameter:

1. Size of product : Diameter 70mm-120mm (according to customers’ requirement)

2. Production capacity: 500-600 pcs/min

3. Total power of equipment: 6.5 KW

4. Dimension of machine :  4500(length)×1000(width)×1700(height)(mm)

5. Weight: 2.5 T

The name of spare part of the machine:

1. Roll cutting tool can use 80,000,000 pcs (sharp the knife one time every 10,000,000 pcs )

[Double roll cutting tool can use160,000,000 pcs (sharp the knife one time every 20,000,000 pcs )]

2. Driving parts are processed by special steel, they are resist pressure and toughness.

3. Electric unit adopts famous brand of China, called “Zheng da”electric unit.

4. Adopt China name brand Harbin bearing.