CIL-AQ-291 Full-auto expediency tub paper sit pad machine

Functions and features:

At present, in China there is not one can support this equipment. Through our technician’s professional studies and meticulous design. Finally, we develop the automatic tub paper sit pad machine initiatively, to make up the blank in domestic. This machine is equipped with automatic rectify and control tension automatically, compact structure, less noise and finished products with high efficient as well. Perfect design; high efficiency; Easy operation; Quick adjustment

Main technical Data

1.Specification of raw material:18-25g/m2

2.Size of raw material :1000×380mm

3.Specification of product(mm):the same with the Expediency Tub

4.Production capacity :70-100pcs/min

5.Power :7.85kw

6.Overall dimension(mm):4500×700×13000(L×W×H)